CET Common Mode Choke

CET Technology designs and manufactures common mode chokes in practically any size package or form factor for almost any application. Common mode choke inductors are power magnetics components used as an electrical filter to blocking high-frequency common mode noise while allowing differential signals and low-frequency common-mode signals to pass through.

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Custom Chokes

Here at CET, we do custom transformer and inductor solutions every day. One such part was a high current custom choke desired by a customer of ours. The design of this part actually went through a couple of iterations. Initially, we designed for performance keeping...

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The Basics of Common Mode Choke Windings

The impedance of an inductor is proportional to its inductance and the frequency of the signal passing through it. Inductors, therefore, can act like low-pass filters, that is they allow low-frequency signals to pass through them, while they block higher frequency...

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Common Mode Choke Design

COMMON MODE CHOKE / INDUCTOR DESIGN  The common mode choke is one of the many types of inductors. Common mode choke is usually used in a power supply to filter out noise from the incoming line voltage. Impedance is the most important aspect of a common mode choke....

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