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What Are Impedance Matching Transformers Used For?

One of the basic truths of a transformer is its ability to transform voltage, current and  impedance while, in theory, conserving power….

How we look at what a transformer does is a function of what we want transformed. Most of the time we care about changing a voltage from one value to another…. other times we wish to transformer one current to another current…. now these things are accomplished because the impedance seen looking into a transformer from one side can differ from that looking into the other side.

Let’s start with the idea that power is conserved…..

Impedance Matching Transformer

This says the impedance seen looking into a transformer is a scaled version of the output impedance…. scaled by the square of the turns….

There are cases and times when impedance is most important….for instance, let’s say your amplifier is driving a speaker and the output impedance of that amp is different than the impedance of the speaker….for maximum power transfer you want these to be the same…so you use an impedance transformer that makes the input impedance “look” the same as the source amplifier impedance and that makes the output impedance “look” the same as the speaker impedance….

Or when transmitting a signal down cable of some characteristic impedance that ends in a mismatched load impedance; this would result in reflections with lower transmission. Match your line impedance to the input impedance of your transformer and do away with unwanted reflected energy.

Pretty much any needed impedance can be gotten by varying the turns of a transformer with some load impedance attached…

We here at CET can help…we have many years of design and manufacturing experience, and we will get your transformer done right to meet your needs.

Impedance Matching Transformers from CET

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