CET PFC Inductors

We design and manufacture PFC inductors for any application. As a general rule, higher current ratings and higher inductance values mean a larger and more expensive inductor.

Design input parameters include:
• Target inductance
• Max DC current
• Desired ripple current
• Peak operating voltage
• Power rating

Alternatively, based on the chip set being used, CET can work with the designer to determine the optimum PFC inductor for your application.

Power factor is related to the phase difference between the voltage and current on a particular load. If the voltage and current are perfectly in phase (i.e. purely real load impedance,) the power factor is 1.0. However, if the load is inductive or capacitive, it introduces a phase difference between voltage and current and the power factor will be less than 1.0.

Switching power supplies present a nonlinear impedance to the AC line, so they always have a power factor less than 1.0. Therefore, many switching power supplies are designed with an active Power Factor Correction (PFC) stage.

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