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Here at CET Technology, we design and manufacture custom flyback transformers. Flyback transformers differ from a typical transformer in that energy is accumulated and stored during some part of the waveform period and then transferred to the SEC during the remainder of that period.  This requires the use of a gapped core so saturation is avoided while allowing enough energy to be stored and then transferred each cycle.  Flyback transformers operate in either Discontinuous Conduction Mode or Continuous Conduction Mode.

Advantages of Discontinuous Conduction Mode flybacks compared with Continuous Conduction Mode flybacks are their lower primary inductance that set the maximum duty cycle.  They are usually smaller, more efficient and they are inherently more stable than CCM flybacks that are more difficult to control through feedback.  CCM flybacks do benefit from lower peak and RMS currents as well as lower EMI requiring smaller capacitors and filters.

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If you’re looking for a flyback transformer with a particular inductance, particular power rating that runs on a particular voltage at a particular switching frequency then we can help!  We design flyback transformers into numerous core/bobbin forms.