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CET Active Voltage Transformation Devices

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Devices that actively transform voltages are Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) and converters such as DC to DC.  DC to DC converters use the input DC in a switched manner to raise or lower that DC voltage to another DC voltage level.  Switched Mode Power supplies also switch DC that is gotten by rectifying and filtering an input AC signal.  The switched DC output if often lower than the input and is also rectified and filtered to yield this DC output.  Both do their “job” by actively using energy for the chip set to control the switching of the DC input.

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CET Technology designs and manufactures custom specialty magnetic parts for many different applications.  Some examples include solenoid coils, RF Antennas, and multi-winding power magnetics….these are in addition to virtually any custom High Frequency Switching, Low Frequency Power and Specialty Transformer design asked of us!