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CET Technology is a trusted and well-established source for custom voltage, current, and impedance electrical transformers. We specialize in everything from low-frequency power transformers to high-frequency switching transformers and everything in-between; and we do it from the milli-Watt range to the kilo-Watt range.

Our custom transformers online are only a small slice of what we can do. Form factors such as thru-hole, SMD, free-standing with flying leads, and planar transformers are just the beginning; we do more! If you can envision custom transformers, we can design and manufacture it for you. We have decades of proven engineering solutions and unmatched manufacturing reliability. If you’re in the market for any type of electrical transformer please feel free to fill out an RFQ online or contact us directly at 603-894-6100.

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High Frequency Switching Transformers

High Frequency Switching Transformers are typically used in electronic power applications to convert one DC input voltage to a different DC output voltage. The amount of power delivered can be controlled by varying the switching frequency and duty cycle of the switching transformer. There are a variety of circuit topologies that use switching transformers.  Flyback, Push-Pull, Forward Converter, Full-Bridge and Half-Bridge are popular topologies that CET can custom design for you!

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Low Frequency Power Transformers

At CET Technology, we have Power Transformers that provide quality and longevity. CET Technology provides UL recognized power transformers in six different form factors, ranging from 1.1VA to 175VA rating. We also design power transformers with custom voltages and power ratings upon request.

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Specialty Transformers

Our specialty transformers range from current sense and audio transformers to high voltage transformers.  Current sense transformers are typically designed to work with a one or two turn primary and a specific load resistance to obtain a fixed ratio of output voltage to primary current. Audio transformers (signal or impedance transformers) are designed to serve two purposes. First, they are used to transform circuit impedances. Second, because there is no electrical connection between primary and secondary, they provide isolation, which eliminates noise caused by ground loops.

High voltage transformers are usually used to convert a low voltage level to a much higher voltage level. They’re used in applications that require transformers to handle voltage levels of up to 15,000 volts safely and accurately. These transformers are most commonly used in industries like aerospace, automotive, energy, and manufacturing.

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CET Technology designs and manufactures custom specialty magnetic parts for many different applications.  Some examples include solenoid coils, RF Antennas, and multi-winding power magnetics….these are in addition to virtually any custom High Frequency Switching, Low Frequency Power and Specialty Transformer design asked of us!