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Reliable Pricing

As a leading electrical components manufacturer we offer low cost and high quality magnetic components, competitively priced regardless if you need a single prototype or millions of components per year.

Experienced Team

Our team of engineers have been at the forefront of the design and manufacturing of the magnetic components industry, exceeding the most demanding requirements for over 35 years.

First Class Support

Our expert design staff in New England delivers great customer service. If you need Custom Magnetics, Transformers, Inductors, Power Supplies or anything that involves at least one loop of wire, we are here to help.

Quality Results

Our production facilities located in China and Taiwan, demand strict oversight for automation, reproducibility and testing to ensure reliability and performance.

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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have specific types of transformers and other electronic components?
Lead times for parts is an issue with my current vendor, can you do better?

Our initial cold start lead time is similar to others but after the first shipment we will stock your yearly usage in our New Hampshire facility with a blanket order in place, which means the lead time on future shipments is only days instead of weeks or months.

What kind of support do you offer for your parts?

We offer stateside engineering, sales and customer service.  You are a phone call or an email away from getting any and all the help you may need.

Some of the places we deal with require large MOQ’s and payment up front, do you require this as well?

No….our MOQ on most parts is often as low as 100pcs and we only invoice when we ship.

How much do you charge for a non-recurring engineering (NRE) cost?

We ask for no NRE costs whatsoever! We want to satisfy your needs and we will gladly engineer your solution free of charge in hopes of being the supplier/manufacturer you need.

After you complete my design, how much will I pay for samples to test?

Often you will pay nothing!  Unless your design requires expensive materials and/or is large in size, we often can offer up to 5 samples free of charge.  We are not looking to profit off samples.

"Dear Darren, Over a decade ago, our founder Sam Yousif carefully selected CET Technology (CET) as Dynamic Solutions USA, Inc. (DS USA, Inc.) dedicated transformer partner. Since then, CET has proven to be a trusted, solid, and reliable partner time and time again. Just few weeks ago, we approached you with an issue, without any hesitation you stepped in to help. Under an Extended Product Service Contract (No cost to DS USA, Inc.), you made a modification to a transformer to assist our engineering testing team with their troubleshooting. The modified transformer was key in finding the root cause of the issue. We addressed it, and were able to ship the assembly with confidence, within our promised delivery timeframe. On behalf of our Managing Director, and the entire team at DS USA, Inc., I would like to thank you and your team at CET for your diligence, unmatched and distinguished expertise. We are looking forward to continuing cultivating and growing our partnership for the next decades to come."


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Christian Tiani , NQA Manager, Dynamic Solutions USA, Inc.

"CET is a long term supplier of the transformers that we use in our through-hole process. CET has given us excellent service with competitive prices for 20+ years. The deliveries are consistently on time and Michelle is very good at expediting, always giving accurate information. We have not had any quality or packaging issues. When we did have one discrepancy in specification, due to a legacy documentation error, it was quickly resolved to our complete satisfaction. We purchase all our transformers from CET and recommend them as a Preferred Supplier to our contractors when we outsource."

Liz Harrell , PMP, CSCP
Director, Manufactured Products Group

"Ametek, Michigan has had positive experiences through the 10 years working with CET . Their management and staff has supported our business in transferring of legacies products and launching of new products. They work directly with Ametek engineers and the factory on new designs. They expedited prototypes samples to meet our expectations. Their pricing has been aggressive and quality exceptional to win many projects in the years we have worked today. "

Roger Welch  , Ametek MI. Purchasing Manager

"Thanks for all your help and support over the years. You solved a lot of sourcing and quality problems that had plagued my operation prior to joining with CET. It was a smooth ride with you all, and much appreciated."


Henry Frankowski , AEB Sapphire Corporation,
Quality D.C Power Products for Industry


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