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CET Technology designs and manufactures custom audio transformers / signal transformers for purchase on our website.

What Are Audio Transformers Used For?

Audio transformers (signal transformers) are designed to serve two purposes. First, they are used to transform circuit impedances. Second, because there is no electrical connection between primary and secondary, they provide isolation, which eliminates noise caused by ground loops.

Audio Transformers from CET

CET Technology designs and manufactures custom and standard audio/signal transformers for a variety of impedance transformation applications. These transformers are typically designed to meet a required maximum distortion requirement over the desired frequency range.

There are a number of parameters to consider when designing or choosing an audio transformer. These parameters include:

  • Maximum signal level
  • Distortion
  • Frequency response
  • Insertion loss
  • Shielding requirements

Audio transformers are typically designed using nickel steel core material, but silicon steel is also sometimes used. They may have a Faraday shield around one or more of the windings or magnetic shielding around the whole part.

Custom Audio/Signal Transformers from CET

Browse CET Technology’s selection of Signal/Audio Transformers and request a quote online. Contact us to learn more about our Signal Transformers – we have the ability to manufacture Signal Transformers to meet your exact requirements.

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